Left Turn Warning System

The best value for money audible warning system on the market today!” There are over 400 people killed every year throughout Europe from near- side turning collisions. Typically these accidents occur at side road junctions or roundabouts. These accidents can easily be avoided with the new TS Left Turn Warning System. Remember – it tells you what is happening unlike some systems that rely on the driver to be constantly vigilant as well as driving. Other systems only flash the side marker lights which is again highly unsuitable.

The TS Left Turn Warning System tells those that matter, when it matters most! The Left Turn System comes complete with a master speaker unit and two slave speaker units, as well as a complete wiring harness to connect the units together. The master unit detects a signal is being made from the indicator and then plays the message through itself and the two slave speakers until tile indicator signal is removed.

The Left Turn System is quick and easy to install and designed to protect those around the vehicle! For noise sensitive areas, the Left Turn System can be wired through a dash mounted switch to mute the system when not required.

  • Left Turn system
  • UK specification
  • 12-24V
  • Complete with its own wiring harness (in non-split conduit) does not interfere with Can-Bus, Multiplex or Pet-Reg systems
  • Can be muted by dash mounted switch
  • Does not rely on motion or proximity sensor/cameras, it simply works every time you indicate to turn left (or right for the continental system)
  • “Warning, this vehicle Is turning left” message (UK)
  • Right Turn system
  • Continental specification
  • 12-24V (message available in different languages on request)
Operating voltage

12-24 V DC

Nominal operating current


IP rating


Sound level



EMC, E Marked, CE Marked, ISO9001:2015

Kit Includes


Download Manual

Download Manual

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