TS Pedestrian Demand Unit Call Point

The TS LED wait indicator is intended for use in traditional Pelican and intersection applications as a direct replacement for the original lamp based units.The signal incorporates long life high intensity LED’s which allows for high signal uniformity and a high phantom performance. The unit operates on a 48V ac or 12V dc supply and offers over 80% power saving on traditional lamp based indicators whilst increasing product life. The robust polyester powder coated aluminium alloy housing is designed to allow the optional additional fitting of an audible sounder and a tactile device.

  • Market leading range of LED wait indicators
  • Long life high intensity LED’s
  • High signal uniformity and performance
  • 80% power saving on lamp based indicators
  • Options are available featuring vandal resistant non-moving button and language variants across the range
  • 12Vdc available for temporary traffic solutions
  • Bespoke options available
Operating voltage

148v AC or 12v DC

Kit Includes


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