TS Remote Control Solar Traffic Light

The TS Remote Control Solar Traffic Light is designed to be a fully standalone traffic control system for use on industrial sites, schools, colleges, hospitals, private roads, caravan parks etc. for the control of traffic flow into certain areas of a site. The system is supplied on a rugged heavy-duty base that can be bolted down to a road surface and once in position is controlled by an operator via a rechargeable wireless handset. The controls are very simple and can be configured to operate either manually or automatically. In manual operation the traffic signal is changed from red to green on each press of the handset button allowing the operator to manually control the flow of vehicles past the traffic light. In automatic configuration a priority and timer can be pre-programmed so that on each press of the handset control the traffic light will change state from its priority, either red or green, to its opposite state and then after a pre-set time delay return to its original state. This allows the operator to change the traffic light once and not need to remember to change the lights back again. The status of the of the lights can be seen at any time due to our two-way feedback system which with constantly display the current state (red or green) on the handset whenever it is in use. This means that the operator does not need to have a direct line of sight to the traffic light when it is in use, allowing them to continue with other activities. This is ideal for use on areas such as quarries, stock yards, landfill sites, and transport yards, factories, loading bays etc. Operating on 868Mhz LoRa, the system has a wireless range of up to 1000m line of sight and is fully encrypted for reliable wireless operation. Combined with its intelligent Bluetooth enabled solar power system the TS Remote Control Traffic Light can be quickly installed and operate all year round with minimal maintenance or the need for costly ground works and cabling.

  • Up to 1km wireless range*
  • Fully wireless standalone unit
  • Manual or Automatic operation
  • Intelligent Bluetooth solar power system for year-round operation
  • 200m High intensity Red/Green LED light head
  • 2.5m tall bolt down heavy-duty post
  • All steel construction with corrosion resistant galvanised and powder coating
  • Industrial use – Factory, Quarry, Mining, Landfill, Transport etc.
  • Built in on/off timer to allow operation between set times
  • Rugged rechargeable wireless handset with two-way status feedback
  • TS V3 Traffic Wireless Light Controller with many programming, input/output and sensor options (see product guide)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
Supply voltage

12v solar battery system

Wireless range

Up to 1000m line of sight

Wireless frequency

868Mhz LoRa

Traffic light signal size

200mm diameter RED/GREEN

Bluetooth system

For solar charge monitoring via iOS and Android app


Bolt-down base


2500mm post + adjustable solar panel

Base dimensions

500×500 mm with 4 x M10 Fixing holes

Battery type

Pure lead carbon deep cycle battery

Battery capacity

100 Ah @ 12v DC

Solar panel dimensions

670mm(w) x 1020mm(h) x 35mm(d)

Peak solar power


Solar life expectancy

25 years

Handset charger

USB type wireless charging pad

Handset operation

Typically, 8-12hrs dependant on use between charging

Solar panel mount height

1m adjustable height and position

Kit Includes

Traffic Light Unit

Wireless Handset

USB Wireless Charging Pad

100 Ah Solar Battery

120W Solar Panel Kit

Traffic Light Cowels

Instruction Manual

Download Manual

Download Manual – TL V3 Manual and Product Guide

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