Trailer Mounted Site Sentry ANPR Radar Speed Camera

We have designed the Site Sentry ANPR Speed Camera system to be a fully standalone video based radar speed camera for off-highway applications which is based around an embedded microcomputer. As such it is very flexible in the ways it can be deployed and connected to. The system can be connected to via smartphone/tablet/PC etc via wireless hotspot up to around 50 meters away as standard or at greater distances using point to point WIFI links.

Site Sentry can be easily mounted to a lamppost or other suitable pole or structure as it has post mounting channels on the back of the main box. All that it would require is a 240v AC supply to power the system.

The system is covered by a 2-year warranty and we offer full after sales technical support. It has also been designed to have its software easily upgraded by USB and as new software updates become available we issue these to customers free of charge. Regarding installation, the system has been designed so that it can be easily installed by the customer without any specialist tools, set-up or calibration. It would only require a connection to a 240v AC supply by a competent person. We can also offer delivery, installation, and commissioning and also give onsite training at the same time.

We have also just released some new updates and features to the system which include…

1) The latest firmware which includes new ways to quickly download and back up events at the click of a button. It also has the new radar filtering that smooth’s the speed reading and ignores false results.

2) The power switch is be located on the inside of the locked control box and the power switch itself would be key operated to prevent unauthorised access.

3) The system is now supplied with a user removable hard drive located on the inside of the locked control unit that can be removed and independently searched. On returning it to the site Sentry it will automatically sync to the systems internal hard drive. This gives the operator an easy way to search and export data from the system without the need for any downtime or loss of recording.

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  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • 1080p hi resolution colour camera recording 10 second video events
  • Comprehensive support
  • Low purchase and operating costs
  • Hard wired and wireless radio bridge versions available
  • Remote monitoring over internet (broadband connection required)

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Site Sentry can also be used as a log to record all vehicles entering and exiting the site. Although Site Sentry was primarily designed for speed monitoring due to its extensive databasing capabilities it is also ideal as a security and traffic monitoring tool. As standard, the speed threshold is factory set to 1mph meaning that the camera system will record all vehicle movements coming toward and going away from it. These records can then be searched using different criteria such as maximum speed, time, date, number plate or ever partial number plate to give a complete record of all vehicles entering and exiting site. The other advantage of Site Sentry is its twin camera head. In most other ANPR systems the actual images that are created are very dark and only picks out the number of the vehicle so as to be machine readable in the ANPR system. However, this does not give the operator a clear image of the vehicle, vehicle type, colour, and markings and even the drivers face. On our Site Sentry, one camera is purely for ANPR and the other camera is a colour overview camera to overcome the problem.

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