Radar Activated Traffic Calming Sign – Flashing Slow Down

Displays the message ‘SLOW DOWN’ when vehicles exceed a pre set speed limit

Case dimensions 630mm x 410mm x 130mm

Power sources available: Mains, Solar, 12v dc.

Introducing the Radar Slow Down vehicle activated sign.

Radar Slow Down is a doppler radar based vehicle activated sign (VAS) designed for both static and mobile use around your site. Health and safety is now a primary concern to anybody operating sites where vehicles are in use. Traditional fixed signs are easily ignored and ensuring that vehicles keep to the prescribed limit is a difficult task.

The Radar Slow Down speed sign solves this problem by providing drivers with instant visual feedback should they break the speed limit, its plain for the driver and all around to see that the speed limit has been exceeded. The psychological impact is that the driver reduces their speed to keep within the prescribed limits.

The units are user configurable and are provided with powerful and easy to use software tools to perform these operations. All devices use a USB connection for configuration.

  • 24.20GHz K-Band doppler radar
  • Up to 100 meter range
  • High brightness LED technology
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Optional battery, solar and mains operation
  • 7Ah battery as standard
  • Various mounting options
  • Free PC & Mac based software tools
  • Comprehensive support
  • Low purchase and operating costs
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
Operating voltage

12v DC (Mains & solar option available)

Product size


Detection range

Up to 100m


24.20Ghz K-Band Radar

Kit Includes


Download Manual

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