Blind Spot Fresnal Lens


Due to a blind spot, drivers of trucks cannot see smaller vehicles or other vulnerable road users which are immediately next to the passenger side door of their HGV. These unseen road users can be hit if the truck changes lane in their direction. Although the Hi Vu Fresnel lens is a visual device for drivers, it’s not a mirror. It is a clear, thin, flat plastic lens that is press fitted to a truck’s passenger door window glass. Its concentric ring surface allows the driver to see through it directly, so it’s not a reflected view. Its optical qualities provide a wide angle, downwards view close to and around the truck’s passenger door.

  • Fit it horizontally to cover the nearside downward blind-spots on Trucks & RVs to enable the driver to see pedestrians, cyclists, motor-bikes and cars.
  • Fit it vertically to Vans or SUVs on the nearside passenger window to see what’s hidden behind and outwards from the vehicle’s side panelling. Ideal for making difficult lane change manoeuvres or blind angle reversing.
  • Fit it horizontally in rear windows of Vans, SUVs or Hatchbacks as a reversing aid, to counter close proximity low-to-ground blind spot hazards, such as small children.
  • Fit it simply by peeling back the self-adhesive cover surrounding the clear border of the lens and press it to the clean window glass for an instantly firm, water-free, bubble-free fix.

A demonstration of how serious a HGV blind spot can be…

Product Features

  • Multi-Vehicle Use - Trucks, Vans, Bus, Coach, RVs (Recreational Vehicle), SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) and Hatch-Backs.
  • Low Profile, Smallest Footprint Lens, No Window Obscurity
  • The Only ‘Peel Back’ Self-Adhesive Fresnel Lens available
  • Multi-Positional Lens Fits All Vehicle Types (LHD & RHD)
  • Easy to install in seconds
  • Strong Adhesive surround ensures the lens will not easily peel off when passing through the doors rubber weather seal

Technical Specs

Size: 210(W)x120(H)x1(D)mm
Adhesive: 3M 200MP
Material: PVC
Approval: Approved for Crossrail, Transport for London, FORS
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