New TS Tip Guard – Body Raised Warning System


Transport Support is pleased to announce the launch of a new body raised warning system that has been designed to prevent tipper vehicles (or vehicle that can raise parts of the body) from driving with the tipper body raised and colliding with bridges and other overhead obstacles.


  • Prevents tipper body from being raised above a preset speed limit.
  • Indicates to the driver if the tipper body is raised with an audible/visual warning at all times.
  • Sounds a very loud audio/visual warning if the vehicle exceeds a preset speed limit with the tipper body raised and prevents the tipper from being raised further.
  • Prevents accidental activation of the tipping system.

Below is some footage taken from one of our Mobile DVR camera systems in a customers truck that actually collided with a motorway bridge after driving off with the tipper body fully raised. Luckily nobody was injured in this accident.

Here is another video highlighting the problem…

The TS Body Raised Warning system consists of a small ECU that is mounted under the dash in the driver’s cab. There is a dash mounted push button switch with built-in buzzer and LED that allows the driver to activate the system and give them feedback on body raised position and also if the vehicle is driving above the preset speed limit with the tipper body raised. The vehicles speed signal is monitored by the ECU and body position (i.e. raised or fully lowered) is detected by an inductive proximity sensor mounted on the chassis beneath the tipper body. Finally, the ability to lock the tipping system and warn the driver is provided by a sealed pneumatic solenoid valve that interrupts the tipping control airline and a 100db talking sounder mounted under the cab’s dash with the message “WARNING! TIPPER BODY RAISED!”.

TS Tip Guard Kit

The system operates as follows:

  1. When the vehicle is moving at less than 5mph* the driver will need to press the button on the dash to activate the tipper cut-off valve – This means there are now two buttons that must be pressed before the tipper body can be raised 1) Dash button 2) The PTO switch on the vehicle. (*Note: This speed can be adjusted)
  2. Once the button has been pressed the LED on the button will light solid to indicate that the system is active. This can only be done when the vehicle is moving at less than 5mph (or whatever maximum speed the system has been set to).
  3. The driver can now raise the tipper body as normal. As soon as the tipper body is raised off the chassis it will be sensed by the proximity sensor and the LED on the dash-mounted button will flash and a buzzer will sound with a “beep, beep” tone to indicate to the driver that the tipper body is raised.
  4. If the tipper body is raised and the vehicle starts to exceed 5mph a very loud talking sound will be activated with the spoken message “WARNING! TIPPER BODY RAISED!!!” and at this point, the tipper cut-off valve will switch off to prevent the tipper body from being raised upwards any further. It will only allow the tipper body to be lowered. The alarm will only switch off once the tipper body has been fully lowered back down onto the chassis.
  5. The system will not allow the tipper body to be raised if the vehicle is moving at or greater than 5mph*. The system prevents this by shutting off the tipper cut-off valve.
  6. The speed switch can be adjusted to activate at any speed required. However, this is not accessible to the driver and is not designed to be adjusted once the system has been installed on a vehicle.
  7. The system will fail safe in that it must be powered to unlock the tipper cut off valve and the valve is powered to open. If power is cut or disconnected the tipper body will not raise.

The Transport Support Tip Guard Body Raised Warning system creates an interlock with the vehicle that directly locks out the tipping system at a preset speed and also gives a clear warning that cannot be missed if the vehicle is driven with the tipper body raised.

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