TSafe is a modular safety system that combines all the best features of our best selling vehicle safety products. TSafe can be an Inclinometer, a high voltage overhead cable detector or both, combined with wireless capability and full event data recording. The TSafe display has a fully touch screen 3.5″ back-lit screen and a built in spoken audio voice warning .


The TSafe system features a new two axis inclinometer that can monitor the vehicles angle left to right and front to back up to a maximum of 23 degrees in 0.1 degree increments, to enable the TSafe system to be used on almost any type of vehicle from a small tipper to a large quarry dump truck. We have also incorporated a body raised sensor which allows separate alarm angles to be programmed for body up or down positions.


Building on our vast experience of Overhead Power Cable Detection the new TSafe system has our most advanced HVDS yet. New detection circuitry give almost double the detection range, sensitivity and noise rejection over our existing HVDS unit. The TSafe’s HVDS can be fully adjusted to suit the operating environment and gives a visual indication of detected signal strength and range. A new high gain detection antenna further improves the systems detection capabilities giving full 360 degree high voltage cable detection out to 25mtrs on 11Kv overhead power lines.


The TSafe sensor modules can be either hard wired or wirelessly connected back to the in cab display making installation and servicing very simple. There is also the ability to add up to 4 HVDS nodes to expand the High Voltage Detection Coverage on large vehicles and cranes.

Data Recording

The system has detailed event logging which records all alarm warnings, parameter and setting against a time and date stamp. In the event that an incident did happen then this data can be reviewed just like a black box flight recorder.


Product Features

  • High Voltage Overhead Cable Detection (HVDS)
  • Inclinometer can measure vehicle angle Left/Right and Front/Back up to 23 degrees.
  • Large 3.5" (90mm) back lit touch screen display.
  • Wired or Wireless connection of sensors and HVDS  nodes.
  • Wireless range up to 100m (433Mhz)
  • Up to 4 HVDS nodes can be connected for detection across larger vehicles and cranes.
  • Fully adjustable High Voltage Overhead Cable Detector with signal strength indicator.
  • Body raised/lowered indicator
  • Fully adjustable alarm settings for body/boom raised or lowered
  • Spoken voice warning alarms (can be programmed for various languages)
  • Full data recording of all parameters and alarm activations. The system will log all events with a time/date stamp
  • Management code protected to prevent tampering.
  • RS485 compatible
  • Two dry contact auxiliary relay's to switch external devices when the system alarms
  • Auto resetting alarm mute
  • Mute, watchdog and alarm outputs for connection to external data/telematics systems
  • External dual message talking warning sounder
  • Plug & Play connections to each module makes installation and servicing simple
  • 10-28v wide power input.

Technical Specs

Operating Voltage 10-28v DC
Nominal Operating Current 400mA
Measurement Range ± 8° (Standard) ± 10° (Modified) ± 15° (Off Road)
Sensor Operating Temperature -30°C to +55°C
Resolution +/-0.1°
Valve Operating Voltage 24vDC
Valve Operating Current 170mA
Valve Operating pressure 0-125 P.S.I
Valve Operating Temperature 0° To +50°C
Voice Warning Sounder (optional):
Operating Voltage 12-24v DC
Nominal Operating Current 500mA
Sound Level 85db
Frequency Speech
M.I.R.A. tested for on and off highway (sounder only) Protection Ratings:
External Electronic Connections IP68
Sensor Casing Aluminium IP68
Sensor Shield ABS IP68
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