TS700HD 7″ Monitor


The TS700HD is a very heavy duty 7” monitor that is fully waterproof and can display up to four cameras on screen at once. Featuring a crystal clear, bright LED back-lit screen it is ideal for almost any application. This highly advanced monitor is fully programmable and has the ability to display individual channels, split screen, quad, 2 PIP and 3 PIP (Picture In Picture). Channels can also be programmed to display on trigger input, they can be assigned names, flipped and mirrored making this a very versatile all round camera system. Waterproof to IP65 and an exceptional vibration and shock rating of 20G (vibration) and 150G (shock).

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Polymer Housing
  • 20G Vibration Rating
  • 150G Shock Rating
  • Multiple split screen options
  • Digital High Resolution 337,000K Pixel Picture
  • Adjustable on screen Distance Marker (Patent Pending)
  • Heat Reflecting Rear Housing
  • Accepts up to 4 Cameras, plus A/V input and output (Note: Only Cam Input 1 has Audio)
  • Auto-On When Vehicle is Placed in Reverse or Started
  • LED Backlit, Low Reflection LCD
  • IP65
  • Built-in Surge Protector
  • Back-lit Control Buttons
  • Contrast Control
  • Brightness Control
  • Built in High Fidelity Speaker
  • AMPS Head Mounting System

Technical Specs

Type: Colour TFT LCD
Display size: 7” (14.22cm)
Rated voltage: 12v DC, Negative Ground
Operating voltage: 10-32v DC
Current consumption: 1.7A
Video system: EIA
Picture type: LED Back-lit LCD 7” Diagonally
OSD: Multi language On Screen Display
LCD Viewing angle: 40/60/60/60
Resolution: 336,960 pixels
Power connections: Red: Positive 10-32v DC
Black: Ground
Green: Cam 1 Trigger 10-32v DC
White: Cam 2 Trigger 10-32v DC
Blue: Cam 3 Trigger 10-32v DC
Vibration rating: 20G
Contrast rating: 500:1
Backlighting: LED
Rear scale line: Adjustable/Programmable
Waterproof rating: IP65
Housing Material: Composite Plastic Housing
Power requirements: 10v to 32v DC
Power consumption: 20W Maximum
Operating temperature: -30ºC to +85ºC (-22ºF to +185ºF)
Storage temperature: -30ºC to +85ºC (-22ºF to +185ºF)
Dimensions: 165(W)x115(H)x31(D)mm / 6.5"(W) x 4.5"(H) x 1.25"(D) inches
Weight: 453g / 1lb
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