TS7002BR-AHD 720p 1080p AHD Monitor 7″


The TS7002BR-AHD is a unique design, 7″ TFT Digital AHD monitor, with a high-resolution image, which is able to support 720P/1080P rearview cameras. Touch buttons with 2CH input. The monitor has some special functions such as time delay, guideline, mirror or normal image. Suitable for use in all kinds of vehicles and compatible with all TS 720p Cameras. The monitor features capacitive touch buttons, being no mechanical and seal to dust and water ingress it is ideal for use in harsh, dirty environments. 

AHD Monitor sample footage – taken from our 4 Ch Mobile DVR

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Product Features

  • 7" Full Colour 720p/1080p AHD
  • Unique touch button controls
  • Available with Two or Four camera inputs.
  • IR Remote control
  • Digital High resolution1024x600 picture
  • Adjustable on-screen distance marker (Patent Pending)
  • Trigger priority CAM1>CAM2>CAM3>CAM4
  • 9 language OSD display
  • Removeable sun shield
  • Heat reflecting rear housing
  • Auto-On when vehicle is placed in reverse or started
  • LED Backlit, low reflection LCD
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Back-lit control buttons
  • Contrast control
  • Brightness control
  • Built-in high fidelity speaker
  • Heavy duty AMPS Head mounting system
  • VESA Bracket optional

Technical Specs

Item No. TS7002BR-AHD
Monitor 7” inch AHD monitor with touch button control
Input 2 or 4 camera input
Image 16:9
Color system PAL/NTSC(selectable)
Resolution 1024xRGBx 600 high resolutions
 horizontal 600 vertical pixel
 Power requirement 9-36V DC
Language 9 languages
Power consumption 5W
Dimensions 261 (L) x 177 (W) x 70 (D)mm
Operating temperature -30° to +70°
Storage temperature -40° to +80
Certificate CE,EMC,FCC,ISO9001:2008,E8
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