TS1001HD 10.1″ Monitor


Our TS1001 10.1″ digital monitor designed for vehicles with larger cabs. It features large illuminated buttons to make easy adjustments or programming changes. It’s a digital LED back-lit display featuring a bright crystal clear 1024×600 pixel image. As will all TS monitors, this is designed specially for use in the harsh environment of the construction, quarrying and mining industry.

Product Features

  • Available with Two or Four camera inputs.
  • IR Remote control
  • Digital High resolution1024x600 picture
  • Adjustable on-screen distance marker (Patent Pending)
  • Trigger priority CAM1>CAM2>CAM3>CAM4
  • 9 language OSD display
  • Removeable sun shield
  • Heat reflecting rear housing
  • Auto-On when vehicle is placed in reverse or started
  • LED Backlit, low reflection LCD
  • Built-in surge protector
  • Back-lit control buttons
  • Contrast control
  • Brightness control
  • Built-in high fidelity speaker
  • Heavy duty AMPS Head mounting system
  • VESA BRacket optional

Technical Specs

Type: Colour TFT LCD
Display size: 10.1"
Rated voltage: 12v DC, Negative Ground
Operating voltage: 10-32v DC
Current consumption: 1.7A
Video system: PAL/NTSC
Picture type: LED Back-lit LCD 10.1” Diagonally
OSD: 9 language On Screen Display
LCD Viewing angle: 40/60/60/60
Resolution: 1024x600 pixels
Power connections: Red: Positive 10-32v DC
Black: Ground
Green: Cam 1 Trigger 10-32v DC
White: Cam 2 Trigger 10-32v DC
Blue: Cam 3 Trigger 10-32v DC
Vibration rating: 10G
Contrast rating: 500:1
Backlighting: LED 450cd/m2
Rear scale line: Adjustable/Programmable
Waterproof rating: IP62
Housing Material: Composite Plastic Housing
Power requirements: 10v to 32v DC
Power consumption: 14W Maximum
Operating temperature: -30ºC to +70ºC    RH95% Max
Storage temperature: -40ºC to +80ºC    RH95% Max
Dimensions: 261(W)x170(H)x25(D)mm
Weight: 453g
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