TS Time Delay Cut-Off Switch


The TS Time Delay Cut-Off Switch has been designed for use on reversing sounders and Left Turn Warning Systems to give the driver the option of muting the sounders for a pre-set time. This is particularly important when commercial vehicles are operating in built up areas at night reducing noise pollution.

This unit connect to 12/24v and will switch off any device connected to it for 1 min each time the button is pressed.

Unit can be supplied with any time delay from 1 second to 10mins and can either switch the output on or off. We can also supply these with a user adjustable time delay and ‘dry’ relay contact output.

Product Features

  • 12-24v operation
  • Simple push button activation
  • Can switch any device up to 8A
  • 1min time delay as standard. Can be supplied with anything from 1sec to 10min delay.

Technical Specs

Supply Voltage: 12-24v DC
Time Delay: 1 min (Standard) 1 sec- 10 mins on request.
Switching Current: 8A Max
Size: L75mm x W50mm x D30mm
Weight: 150g
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