TS Radar Anti Collision Detection System


TS Radar Anti Collision Detection System

Radar based anti collision detection system that integrates a radar proximity sensor. The system has a programmable detection range up to 20m. The proximity of detected obstacles is overlaid onto the vehicles reversing camera monitor. The system can be used like a normal reversing camera. Pedestrians, vehicles and other obstacles are detected, and a coloured band representing the range to that object is overlaid on top of the video image. Various audible warning tones are given which increase in speed and tone the closer the object is.  The radar sensor has a wide angle of 100 degrees meaning that one sensor can cover the who area behind a vehicle or mobile plant.

Radar Anti Collision Detection System Detection Zones and Range
The distance of each zone and detection range can be both customised
Conditions Visual Buzzer
No Object Detected None Off
Object in Zone 5 Green Bi-Bi-Bi
Object in Zone 4 Green BiBi-BiBi-BiBi
Object in Zone 3 Yellow BiBiBi-BiBiBi-BiBiBi
Object in Zone 2 Yellow BiBiBiBi-BiBiBiBi-BiBiBiBi
Object in Zone 1 Red Constant tone

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Product Features

  • Long detection range, high sensitivity, max detection range of 20m
  • Millimetre-wave Radar Technology
  • Single sensor operation with wide angle
  • Video fusion, map layer overlapping alarm
  • Works in all weather conditions is not affected by mud, dust, water etc.

Technical Specs

Frequency 24.00...24.20GHz
Transmitter Type FMCW
Power Supply 10 to 32V DC
Detection Range 0.1...20m, equally divided in 5 detection zones (distance of each zone and detection range can be both customized)
Detection Zone Visualization  Green (furthest), Yellow(middle), Red (closest)
Detection Tolerance +/-10cm
Antenna Beam Angle 100° (Horizontal), 40° (Vertical)
Trigger Input ×1 Trigger from vehicle, high active
Range above +10Vdc, up to supply voltage
Alarm Output ×1 Switched to Ground when activated
Loading up to 1.0A
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80°C
IP Protection IP67 (sensor)
Vibration Rating 5.9G
Dimensions Sensor: 70.5(W) ×39.5(H) ×22.5(D) mm
Control Box: 152.6(W) ×89.2(H) ×53.8(D) mm
Weight 85Grams (sensor) 240Grams (control box)
Mounting Two (4mm) diameter mounting holes (sensor)
Four (6mm) diameter mounting holes (control box)
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