TS Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Lights


Our pedestrian crossing traffic lights designed for use on construction sites, quarries, industrial area etc. Designed to be semi-portable so that they can be moved to a different location in future if required. They are ideal for use on industrial sites, quarries, construction sites etc. The posts can be collapsed for easy transportation and the bases can be bolted down.

Each traffic light post is fitted with 200mm Red and Green traffic signals pointing in both directions of the oncoming traffic. Facing the pedestrians are 200mm Red and Green ‘wait’ and ‘cross’ signals. The pedestrian call points can either be our Dual Legend Demand Call Point or the smaller Pedestrian Demand Unit Call Point

The pedestrian crossing lights are powered from a 240v AC mains supply, however, we can manufacture them to be powered by 110vAC, 24v DC, or 12v DC if required. Dependent on requirements we can also manufacture them as Solar Powered. Customers can also request them with full red, amber green traffic signals.

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Product Features

  • Semi-Portable
  • Bolt down bases
  • Collapsable two-part posts
  • Various power options 240v AC/110v AC, 24v DC,12v DC, or Solar Powered.
  • 200mm ambient light auto adjusting traffic signals
  • User adjustable time delays
  • 2.5m Tall posts (other sizes available on request)
  • High Visibility
  • Designed for use in harsh environments.

Technical Specs

Product Flyer
Product Manual