TS-001ECU Turn Indicator Trigger ECU


Turn indication trigger ECU designed for use with the Sidescanwaring system. This module safely interfaces the vehicles indicator system with an aftermarket installed device. Used in conjuction with KLTF1568 – Sidescan SystemKLTF1565 – Vehicle Turning Alarm and KLTF1566 – Digital Speed Switch to activate when turning.

Product Features

  • Indicator trigger module to activate Sidescan system
  • Safely interfaces the indicator signal with an auxiliary device
  • 12-24v Operating Voltage
  • Can switch 12/24v @ 5A

Technical Specs

Operating Voltage: 12 to 24v DC
Switching Voltage: 12 to 24v DC
Switching Current: Max 5A
Protection rating: IP68 (fully potted enclosure)
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