Site Sentry Radar Speed Camera with ANPR


Site Sentry Industrial Site Speed Camera

The Site Sentry traffic surveillance system is primarily designed to be used on industrial private sites in either a singular or daisy-chained configuration.

The system will require mains electrical supply and may be attached to any vertical post and used as a stand alone system providing full automatic numberplate recognition and speed measurement.

This information is in turn encoded and indivisibly combined with a hi-res 1080p video stream of all vehicle events in both directions on the road which the camera system is adjacent to.

The gathered information may then be searched on the systems historic database by one or a combination of criteria, ie, maybe both part of a vehicle registration plate further filtered by date or time.

This information, once located as a stored video stream may then be downloaded for further scrutiny in either still or video form perchance this information may be needed for discussion with a speed or in fact presence on site offender.

The system will require mains electrical supply and may be attached to any vertical post and used as a standalone system providing full automatic number plate recognition and speed measurement.

Site Sentry Speed Camera is a 24.20 Ghz K-Band doppler radar based, vehicle activated high-resolution colour camera and has been developed as an enhancement to our already extensive range of Doppler radar speed measuring and displaying devices, designed for both static and mobile use around your site.

The Site Sentry Speed camera system has been developed here in the UK by ourselves, to meet a growing demand for pictographic representation of site traffic activity in the light of the advancement in health and safety requirements throughout the industry.

The camera system fulfils not only a retrospective role of delivering an evidential pictorial solution to traffic activity but is also a full blown ANPR register in its own right, offering all the well established benefits of an ‘on site’ vehicle safety register and retrospective searchable database of vehicle activity.

This camera system can be used in conjunction with one of our extensive range of radar speed signs or in a ‘stand alone’ application.

Anecdotal evidence from site studies shows an instant change in driver speed behaviour when any of our speed sign range have been deployed.

The Site Sentry camera system and speed sign display unit is entirely user configurable and comes complete with powerful easy to use software. All vehicle activity records are gathered via a standard network video recorder which would be located in a security office or similar and may be searched either locally or via a broadband internet connection to anywhere in the world.

The software suite is a work of true elegance, allowing the user to see at a glance, in recorded ‘time line’ format, a whole recent history of recorded vehicular activity, with filters such as date, time, etc. So a user may well simply apply a site speed filter to the system and only vehicles exceeding a certain speed threshold will be recorded in full-colour video of that very event.

These unique devices, along with the software suite have all been designed and manufactured in our in house manufacturing facilities by our dedicated team of engineers here in the UK.

Only speed violation events recorded footage with speed overlay

All licence plates recorded in and out of a premises with searchable database thus offering a complete register with black and white list functionality and search ability.

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Product Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • 1080p hi resolution colour camera recording 10 second video events
  • Comprehensive support
  • Low purchase and operating costs
  • Hard wired and wireless radio bridge versions available
  • Remote monitoring over internet (broadband connection required)

Technical Specs

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