Low Speed Switch


To meet recent legislation, we have designed and developed a unit capable of Automatically Switching most Vehicle Accessories off at a given speed.

For instance, one of the most popular applications for this is to Switch Off Flashing Beacons or Reversing Cameras when the Vehicle exceeds a given speed.

However the Unit could be used to suit your particular application or to warn the Driver that the Vehicle has reached a given speed.

The switching off speed is set by selecting a combination of up to 6 switches, giving 64 options between the limits of 2.5km/h (1.6mph) and 102.5km/h (64mph).

The switching off speed can be Factory set or adjusted during installation.

The output on this unit is normally on and switches off at the set speed, it is capable of switching 10A.

The tri state Override input can control the output as follows:

Open = normal operation
Switch to positive = output off
Switch to ground = output on

Product Features

  • For switching safety equipment such as cameras and left turn warning systems on below a preset speed
  • 10-30v DC Operation
  • Adjustable to switch between 2.5km/h (1.6mph) and 102.5km/h (64mph).
  • Can switch up to 10A
  • Override Function
  • Compatible with most speed pulse signals

Technical Specs

Output Current:10A
Switch off delay (speed increasing):1 second
Switch on delay (speed decreasing):< 12ms
Switch point setting (see table):6 way switch - 64 combinations
Pulse input:V low 5.5v
Pulse duration: >1.5ms
Override input resistance: >5Kw to ground
Override input:Open = Operation normal, 4.5v= Output OFF
Case Style:DIN Pack, Vertical Mount
Fixing:1 x 6.3mm hole
Case material:Black ABS
Bracket material:Aluminum
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