Traffic Control Systems


AUTOMATIC RAISE ARM BARRIER TS6000-S (6m plain pole only | 4.5m Bottom Skirt)

TM60 Moving Vehicle Radar Sensor

Trailer Mounted Site Sentry ANPR Speed Camera

TS Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Lights

Our pedestrian crossing traffic lights designed for use on construction sites, quarries, industrial area etc. Designed to be [...]

TS Heavy Duty Automatic Traffic Barrier with ANPR

Transport Support now offers a full range of automatic traffic barrier systems and ANPR equipment to suit all kinds of applications. This [...]

TS Solar Powered Junction Safety Lights

Our Solar Powered Junction Safety Lights are fully standalone solar powered with radar traffic sensors to detect oncoming traffic [...]

Remote Controlled Portable Traffic Light with Automatic Vehicle Stop Sensor

Transport Support has now released a new version of our Remote Controlled Portable Traffic Light. This new system has a built in sensor that [...]

200mm Red Green 12/24v Traffic Light Signal Head

Item: TS 2 ASPECT RED GREED LED Traffic light Signal Head

Traffic light Signal Head Shape: [...]

Automatic Traffic Barriers with ANPR

As part of our continuing expansion into site traffic control systems, We are pleased to announce that Transport Support can now offer a [...]

200mm Red Amber Green Traffic Light Head Signal

Item: TS 3 ASPECT RED AMBER GREED LED Traffic Light Head

Traffic Light Head Features:
Shape: 200mm (8”) High brightness LEDs [...]