TfL/FORS Requirements


TS Handbrake Warning Alarm

This unit is designed to tell the driver that the handbrake is not applied as soon as he opens the driver’s door.

TS Side Sense Detection System

SideSense ultrasonic sensor system detects objects, cyclists and people in the nearside blind spot, providing an [...]

TS Time Delay Cut-Off Switch

The TS Time Delay Cut-Off Switch has been designed for use on reversing sounders and Left Turn Warning Systems to give the driver the [...]

Low Speed Switch

To meet recent legislation, we have designed and developed a unit capable of Automatically Switching most Vehicle Accessories off at a [...]

Blind Spot Fresnal Lens

Due to a blind spot, drivers of trucks cannot see smaller vehicles or other vulnerable road users which are immediately next to the [...]

Sidescan Turn Warning System

4 sensor system fitted to side of vehicle increasing safety when turning or low speed [...]

TS-001ECU Turn Indicator Trigger ECU

Turn indication trigger ECU designed for use with the Sidescanwaring system. This module safely interfaces the vehicles indicator system [...]

Left Turn Warning System

"The best value for money audible warning system on the market today!" There are over 400 people killed every year throughout Europe from [...]

TS Left Turn Alarm Light

The increase in cycling, especially in our cities and towns and the problems of “blind spot” hazards with heavy vehicles turning, has [...]