Remote Controlled Traffic Lights


TS Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Lights

Our pedestrian crossing traffic lights designed for use on construction sites, quarries, industrial area etc. Designed to be [...]

TS Solar Powered Junction Safety Lights

Our Solar Powered Junction Safety Lights are fully standalone solar powered with radar traffic sensors to detect oncoming traffic [...]

Remote Controlled Portable Traffic Light with Automatic Vehicle Stop Sensor

Transport Support has now released a new version of our Remote Controlled Portable Traffic Light. This new system has a built in sensor that [...]


This is an example of one our bespoke Belisha Beacon Crossing systems. The customer wanted to add extra visibility to a busy crossing [...]

Belisha Beacon Pedestrian Crossing – Solar Powered, Sensor Activated

This is an example of one our bespoke traffic control systems. The customers approached us with a safety concern at one of their office [...]

Two Way Solar Powered Wireless Traffic Light System

An example of one of our bespoke solar powered and completely wireless radio linked traffic light systems. It controls traffic on a narrow [...]

Solar Powered Remote Control Traffic Light

An example of our solar powered remote controlled traffic lights. These are completely standalone and self powered with a wireless remote [...]

300mm Solar Powered Remote Controlled STOP Light

This is an example of one of our bespoke remotely controlled solar powered traffic lights. These particular lights where for a large [...]

Remote Controlled Portable Traffic Light

The TS Remote Controlled Traffic Light is a fully standalone unit and does not require a mains power source or generator. Powered by a high [...]

Noise Activated Warning Sign

Transport Support manufacturers a range of advanced noise warning systems that automatically warn operatives when the ambient volume in an [...]