TSafe now for ADT rollover protection

TSafe on A40 ADT

Our latest TSafe tipper stability system is now available with software specifically for use on off road articulated dump trucks (ADT’s) to help prevent rollover incidents and give the operator control of the machines tipping angle.  The TSafe is a fully digital solid state inclinometer system that continually monitors the ADT’s chassis angle and alerts the driver when an unsafe camber is reached. The system gives an angle reading in both axis, pitch (front/rear) and roll (left/right)  with a 0.1º resolution and can be set to alarm limits with the tipper skip raised and lowered.

The alarm angle is factory set to 6º with the skip raised and 9º when it is lowered but can be adjusted up to a maximum of 23º. This triggers an audio visual waring inside the cab and also prevents the skip from being raised when the alarm sound thus keeping the centre of gravity low to help prevent an overturn.

TSafe requires very little operator input and features a management PIN code as well as a number of failsafe and anti tamper devices. The system also features a newly developed data recording function which acts like a ‘black-box’ recorder and in the event of an incident the built in SD card can be interrogated to display all parameters and status of the vehicles angle against a time and date stamp.

Please feel free to contact me directly for further information on TSafe and how it can be used in different applications. Details can also be found at http://www.transportsupport.co.uk/product/tsafe